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Agate Partners has been providing software solutions and consulting services for thirty-eight years.  The 'cycle of obsolescence' has been eliminated using an object relational database, platform independent software tools, and 21st century software architecture.

Our clients continually achieve new cost savings and revenue enhancement opportunities with our solutions.  They use the Query Manager report writer to either create 'one-time' reports or extend Agate III's standard reports. 

Our Document Archiving feature integrates scanned document images with Agate III.  For example, scanned payables invoices are associated to the account coding for payment with no additional keystrokes.  Drill down to source documents is a feature of many Agate reports, including drilling down from financial statements to journal entry detail and then to source document images.

Our website contains complete detail about us and our products, but, if you prefer, you can download information here.

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