Agate III is the name for our applications that can be installed individually or combined together, creating fully integrated solutions.  An individual system can also be installed and interfaced to a non-Agate III system. 

Agate III users can extend systems by creating reports using Query Manager and adding them to the menu window  All reports can be previewed in a scrollable window, exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, saved as a PDF file, e-mailed as an attachment, or stored directly into Agate's document archive.

Agate Partners' can develop more complex reports, maintenance screens, and procedures using the Agate Framework.

Agate III starts by displaying a menu window.   The menu window consists of a tree structure of commands.  Each user can be presented a unique tree of commands, thereby providing efficient access to authorized commands. 

The following links display an expanded view of the standard folders for Agate III systems and a description of their commands.