Agate Applications -- Enduring Solutions for Business

    "Integrated, Modular, Portable, Scalable, Secure, Extendable"

Our Agate III systems have been built using our Agate Framework, an object relational database, and Java, creating a highly scalable, and portable software architecture for either Linux or WindowsServers can range from small Intel based processors to larger IBM iSeries, pSeries, or zSeries processors, making Agate III an enduring solution for the 21st century. 

When you start Agate III, a menu window displays a tree structure of commands in the left internal frame.  The right two internal frames display HTML help for the selected folder and command.  Links can be used to either drill down or navigate to an associated command's help.  Each user is presented a unique folder tree defined by your system administrator for securing data access.  Database features can further secure unauthorized access.

Agate III's Query Manager is available for data analysis and report creation, using Agate III's well-documented database schema All data is normalized, i.e. no redundant data, with database features used to guarantee integrity of data.  Agate III is extended and evolved by placing your reports into menu folders available to others.  The Query Manager empowers you to understand and exploit Agate III's shared repository of organizational data, encouraging you to evolve new business requirements with Agate III's database, rather than building isolated, spreadsheet solutions, that leads to 'spreadsheet chaos', i.e. redundant, non-shareable data scattered throughout your organization.  To further encourage a shared repository for your organization, your developers or ours can easily add new columns and tables to the database, and use the Agate Framework to either modify existing or create new table maintenance commands.

Archiving scanned documents and Agate III generated documents is integrated into Agate III, creating an efficient user interface for displaying these documents from previewed report lines that reference them.

Why a Roman numeral III?  Agate III is the third major architecture for Agate Partners' business systems.  Our first systems were written in COBOL for Texas Instruments minicomputers (1977-89).  In our second architecture, we were pioneers with OS/2 and relational databases (1987-2001).  Through a thirty-seven year evolution, we have continually improved and extended the business processes, features, and capabilities of our systems.