Agate III's General Ledger Commands


The General Ledger's process mirrors manual accounting procedures, making it easy to learn and use.

The general ledger's chart of accounts, financial reports, profit centers, accounting periods, journals, and organization structure are customized to fit an organization's requirements.  The system easily adapts to evolving business requirements.

Accounts can be scheduled by control id, a unique Agate III process that retains and reports journal entry activity supporting an account balance.

Cash accounts can be reconciled with bank statements. 

Recurring journal entries can be entered once, and used each accounting period.

Drill down to journal detail from financial statements.

Drill down to supporting source document images from all journal detail reports, creating a truly paperless environment.


The General Ledger Guide, prepared in Microsoft Word format, provides a complete description of the following commands.  It may be downloaded if you prefer reviewing information in printed format.

Maintain unposted journal entries

List unposted journal entries

Post unposted journal entries

Post a journal entry from a spreadsheet

Post a journal entry to a closed, prior period

List account detail

List total journals

List trial balance

Scheduled Accounts

   List schedules

   List schedules - 1 to 15 columns

   Delete balanced entries from schedules

List balance sheet

List profit and loss statement

List financial report

Close current period

List chart of accounts

Bank Reconciliation

   Reconcile bank account

   List final reconciliation, mark entries as 'Done'


   Change journal entries allowed indicator

   Maintain recurring journal entries

   List recurring journal entries

   Copy recurring journal entries to unposted

   Maintain financial report definitions

   List financial report definitions

   Re-sequence financial report definition

   Create new report definition from current report id

   Maintain chart of accounts

   Maintain sub account numbers

   Maintain acct/sub acct restraints by user, group or code

   Maintain sub account's rollup codes

   Maintain rollup codes

   Maintain division codes

   Maintain setup information

   Maintain period ending dates

Maintain source codes

   Maintain company information

   Fix posted journal entries

   Fix scheduled entries

   Fix reconciled indicator in posted journal entries